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  • The robust, impenetrable casing securely houses powers unit, DVRs and all the components that make our tower a stand alone solution.
  • On top of the 7m tower there is a HD PTZ camera that comes with inbuilt infra-red to allow HD quality footage day and night.
  • The on-board battery packs ensure that the tower continues to function in the event of a power cut. Build in cube can supply power upto to 21 days; a cost effective alternative to a generator.
  • The wireless system uses 4G technology to transfer data allowing faster transmission to our  monitoring partners and emergency services during a live incident.
  • The CCTV tower is a mobile unit and can therefore be re-positioned as your build develops. Free quarterly re-deployments are included in all contracts.
  • The CCTV tower is smartphone enabled allowing for remote viewing and monitoring by our Clients, from anywhere in the world.
  • Our systems are regularly tested by the in-house intrusion team throughout the duration of a deployment.