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Construction Site Security

The UK construction industry is a multi-million pound industry – and that’s just its losses! Seriously, latest statistics from insurer Allianz Cornhill recently revealed that theft alone costs the industry £800m a year. So how is this a concern for the industry and the communities they serve?

The Construction Index reports that more than half of builders in the UK have been victims of theft, with more than 50% having had their vans damaged and tools stolen.

To ensure that your construction sites are safe and secure from any theft or vandalism, which also results in long delays to project completions and heavy financial losses, Guarding-GB can implement robust site security solutions.

Guarding-GB ensures that there are no project delays due to security concerns and that all site Equipment, Tools, Machinery, Vehicles, Valueables, Storages and buildings are protected.

Benefits of Construction Site Security
  • Control Site Access
  • Deterrent for Thieves
  • Keep Out Vandals
  • Prevent and Protect Against Fires
  • Keep Building Site Workers Safe
  • Prevent and Solve Conflicts
  • Ensure Compliance Standards Are Met
  • Save You Money
24/7 Round the clock security service,

Guarding-GB can provide your construction sites with a range of solutions based on each site’s specific security concerns. Whether the requirement is an overnight Guarding or a 24/7 round the clock security service, single or multiple construction site security, We have bespoke solutions to your security needs including Static Security Guards, Mobile Security Patrols or where necessary Cannine Security Guard Teams can be deployed to fully ensure the security of your construction site.