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Gatehouse Security

Gatehouse security is probably one of the most vital security services needed for private and business and industrial premises as it is the first point of contact and access into most premises.

Guarding-GB provides SIA licensed, trained and professional officers to carry out gatehouse duties with outstanding cutomer services skills required to handle the operations. When there is a large sclae business premises, it is oftenly difficult to spot an unauthorised person getting onto the premises, this is when our proactive gatehouse personell will ensure that there are no such breaches and such unwanted behaviours will be dealt with professional security approach.

Gate House Security Responsibilities

Our officers will maintain Log books for all entries. Maintain an incident report book, record all vehicles entring and leaving, personnel searches and CCTV monitoring are just some of the services that we can provide for you.

Guarding-GB guarantees that hiring gatehouse security with us gives you peace of mind and ensuring that we have your security under control, keeping an eye out for and reporting any unusual activity.

Our security officers will consistently provide both mobile security patrols and static guarding to monitor your business premises from various vulnerable locations.

Guarding-GB can provide SIA-licensed gatehouse security officerss who have years of customer service experience behind them.

With all of our gatehouse security officers trained to the highest standard, we offer you unrivalled protection and we’ll also ensure that we uphold your reputation and enhance your image with our professional and efficient service level.