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Security Guards

Deploying security guards on site is a proven and traditional method to deter and stop potential security breaches. The physical presence of security guards can prevent thefts, vandalisms or intruders in ciscumstances where alternative unmanned security solutions including CCTV, Alarms or Security doors would not. Our onsite security guards are fully trained and experienced in dealing with inidents in relation to premises breaches and would report any such indicidents in a timely manner and contact emergency services.

Our security guards are also trained in following the correct procedures to detain, bar or get the individuals arrested who have trespassed site premises therefore the impact of these incidents can be minimised.

Guarding-GB deploys highly-qulified, trained and SIA licensed officers across the country for the protection of your premises and people. Our manned guarding solutions can be used in a variety of combination with our other services.

Benefits of Manned Guarding Security:

To best suit your site specific security requirements our bespoke guarding solutions may include Security Guards, Mobile Security Patrols, Cannine Security Protection Dogs and our other security services tailored best to your premises security needs.

  • Safer environment for customers and staff members
  • Protection against damage of property
  • Highly responsive
  • Stop unauthorised access
Reliable Gatehouse Security Personell

Whether you’re looking for reliable gatehouse security personell, Front of house officers, an industrial facility or you require professionals to control access to a busy corporate office, our fully trained and SIA licensed personells will take care of your concerns. Their multi-role capabilities, such as performing risk assessment and health and safety checks and Fire safety Checks mean we can tailor our manned security solutions to best suit your specific security needs.
Offering much more than a simple security presence and the odd patrol, Guarding-GB’s manned security guards take a proactive and professional approach so you get the results you want.

Unfortunately, police figures in January 2018 show that crime rates are souring in the UK. In England alone there was a 14% increase in offences from 2017.
The ‘Crime Against Businesses’ white paper released by the UK Home Office in 2017 found that:
– In 2016, premises in the wholesale and retail sector, the average cost of shoplifting incidents has increased. The median average cost of shoplifting per victim was £237 in 2012 increasing to £500 in 2016

– Assaults, threats, and thefts were the most common crime types in the transportation and storage sectors. Assaults and threats (761 incidents per 1,000 premises) and theft (454 incidents per 1,000 premises)
– The most common crime type experienced by the administration and support sector in 2016 was theft. Of the 227,000 crimes experienced, over half (133,000 incidents) were theft
In these times of increased crime rates, no matter what industry it seems, it is far better to be safe than sorry.