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Static Security

At Guarding-GB, our security guards are fully trained and licensed at the highest industry standards and qualifications. We take the time to put together a bespoke plan in place for our clients ensuring the best possible security suited to their needs.

Our team delivers a highly professional manned guarding service with activities including:

Our manned guards, static guards and manned guarding patrols ensure that your premises are protected to your requirements, whether thats simply during the day, or throughout the night. Our mobile patrols, construction site security and security patrols ensure that you can rest comfortably, knowing that your business is protected from those that would do it harm.

  • Guarding premises against trespassing, unauthorised access to the premises, vandalism and arson
  • Guarding property against any damage
  • Guarding staff against physical assault or injury as a result of such conduct.
Trained and Professional Team

Guarding-GB Officers are trained to the highest of standards in many areas including first aid, emergency lift procedures and fire prevention. This ongoing training combined with the fact that many of our officers have an extensive security industry background helps us to provide a complete security package for any business.

As providers of a quality service, we take enormous pride in our ability to successfully undertake those assignments.

It requires an enhanced level of attention to detail and the highest degree of commitment to responsibility and care. As part of our quality commitment to our clients, Guarding-GB ensures an outstanding level of service delivery.