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Vacant Property Security

Every year millions of pounds of damages are are suffered by businesses to their vacant properties.
Empty premises, closed businesses and/or newly constructed vacant proterites are an easy target for unauthorised individuals, trespassing, vandalism, theft and arson.

These unfortunate incidents not only results in a very high cost repairs but causes business disruption and stress. Guarding-GB offers solutions to secure such premises by providing a variety of deterrents such as traditional 24/7/365 Manned Guarding, day and night frequent Mobile Security Patrols, Cannine Guard Dogs or various innovative technological solution to effecticley protect, manage and monitor your premises.

Benifits of securing your vacant property
  • Well secured, protected and maintained vacant properties will be less damaging to the local community, attract less vandalism, arson and theft, and be better prepared for re-occupancy or resale.
  • Well maintained and secure properties are lower insurancerisks.
  • Well maitained and secure properties promote better neighbourhoods and maintain their value.
Details of Accessories

Guarding-GB can cost-effectively provide safety and security measures by deploying the best mix of guarding and technological solutions combined with our highly experienced customer-focused teams.

From the latest alarms to innovative CCTV products or full-time guards, we provide the best protecion solutions to keep your vacant buildings safe from trespassers or vandals.

Whatever type of business you run, we have the retail security resources needed to tighten security and keep your stock for those willing to pay.